Sata express

ok, a bit of a rant here, WHERE THE FUCK IS A SATA EXPRESS DRIVE, ok part of rant done, I was just watching on the Tek syndicate hardware channel a review of a skylake MOBO and Wedell showed that it had 3 sata express ports, and that got me thinking, do any sata express drives exist out side of a lab? Or am I just wasting everyones time?

Now that you say it, I have not seen any either... well anyway you still can use the SATA exp as 2 SATA 6G/s ports

I know that, also wouldn't sata express become obsolete if NVMe starts getting rolled out and the fact that (I think) sata express uses AHCI unless a bios engineer gets smart, unless this is ment for the fabled HAMR drives which will find there way back into the PC MASTER RACEs mind

Intel 750 sata express SSD exists yes.

THEY DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wait, going on new egg to verify

don't see one, imagine if sata express was picked up more by people...

The problem is that ultra m.2 / pci-e ssdĀ“s basicly has become a more popular standard over sata express.
Thats the main reason why you dont see much sata express storage devices.

form factor?

just to give you an idea.