Sata connectors on motherboard

possibly a stupid question and in the wrong area

ok i see power supplies with 12-14 sata power connectors but most motherboards have 8-10 sata 6gb/s connections  is there a way of splitting these connectors off the motherboard like a splitter cable ???

i don't believe that's possible, you would get a sata and/or raid expansion card

need to get a sata pcie card and the good ones cost as much as a motherboard the cheap ones are well s**t. You wont find more than 6 ports unless the board has a separate sata controller which usually adds another 4 for a total of 10. After that SAS becomes a more viable choice for same enclosure storage some will argue after 6. 

because i am looking at the gigabyte ud3h ( doing a white blue and silver theme ) but i am accumulating a lot of movies and tv shows at present i have 5x 4tb hdd full but no data redundency ( i am just swapping drives through an external caddy as i am on a laptop )

i am looking to maybe install snap raid ( looking into it ) as it looks to be the only raid where you can add more hdd to the pool i just can not decide to do that or to just back up to an external once a month

this is also going to be my main gaming editing rig was going amd  option but am going to spend a little more and go intel


can you recommend any decent sata controlers ?? as well as if it is better to raid or back up externaly to a usb HDD


thank you all and any assistance is appreciated


you have 20 terabytes of movies? Thats more than netflix dude i am not kidding netflix has roughly 3000 movies at 3gb per movie thats 9 terabytes. I am not sure I understand but you have 5 4TB external HDDs and use a laptop? You cant start a raid array with drives full of data (tell me im wrong please) is every drive identical? What type of redunancy are you looking for cause 2 copies would be 10 drives the recommended minimum is 3 copies one off site. So just to backup once you need $900 worth of HDDs. If your doing what I think you are please tell me you have a VPN and a Lawyer. I.m going to recommend a cloud storage solution and 4U SAS Rack if you plan on expanding further you can grab them on ebay for about $300-$500 for the case and then populate it with your drives power supplies and boards. 12 drives in a full tower that you are going to be using as a gaming rig is not going to be ideal. You need to make a server before you make a gaming rig imho. What about sorting out some of your content for archival purposes and burning it to bluray 100 25gb spindles are about $120 and it would allow you to have a much more affordable raid/backup solution at least temporarily if you can get your fastly needed storage to 8tb it would be in you best interest. I am pretty sure a full backup on a cloud is going to be about 160 a month minimum you may find a loop hole for less money. You can find a board with 10 sata ports but you are going to need 12 if you include your gaming hdd and backup. I am not a fan of sata controllers unless your talking intel. I bet you could make a NAS out of one of those racks though i have never done it myself I cant see why not. First plan of attack would be to backup online and then begin a raidz setup with wendell and logans freenas videos. You are going to need a 900+ watt UPS $250+ for your nas alone. I dont think you really need the raid your talking about since none of your files are larger than 4tb you just have several thousand gb size files. REally figure out what you need access to immediately and what you dont and start ripping that content to bluray or the cloud. There are plenty of people to help you here im sure im not the only computer professional on this forum ;p This project will make you one if your not one now :)

eventually will be using icy dock MB975SP-B plan on turning 4 of these into a server           

this is the end goal but for now will use the rig i am building next month ( obviously with more updated hardware ) but with the snap raid you can start out small ie 6 blank drives and then transfer the data through usb3 external into the raid array. then add those 4 HDD to the pool ( snap raid is the only raid array system i can find that allows you to add drives to the pool easily )

as for the 20 TB movies it is not all movies it is T.V. shows, music, anime, games ect .... as for the gaming PC that is the first build i am doing so i can have my main rig cause i cant play shit on my crap-top then was going to add the HDD to the PC till i can make the server mentioned above

the drives i have are all WD 4TB red 5 at the moment as for the lawyer i don't live in America and our ISP's told the " piracy police" to effectively fuck off as they are not there to police users traffic only provide the service

i have received most of this data from a few people i know and do not have unlimited internet basically it is a collective pool over the last 2 years 

hope this helps answer and queries

What drives were you using before SepTember maybe you can also use them in your snapRaid system are they still wOrking or did you sell them? Awesome idea create a 20 bay non gui command Line controlled opensource server out of an 1200 thats modded using 3-5 bays with sata pcie cards that dual purposes as a gaming pc. please do a review once you are compLeted for us.