Sata 3.0 for my sata 2.0 laptop + future

My lap top has been by my side for a while now (dell xps m1710) and im growing tired of slow HDD's... 
I used an ssd once on it and WOW was I amazed.

I was thinking about getting a vertex 4 SSD

The reason for this is I wanted to get the max out of my sata 2.0 connection and also be able to throw this ssd into my future rig that i plan on building in a few months.

Wondering if this would cause any issues.  

Thanks in advance :) 

Also as a side note... Is there any point to RAID 0'ing  a sata 3.0 SSD? 
Thinking about buying another vertex 4 (if it works on my laptop) so i can raid it in my new build for extra speed and larger ssd space.  


the Vertex 4 actually basically maxes out a SATA III connection, as do it's contemporaries... like the Samsung 830 or 840 PRO, and so on and so forth... You can actually get an SSD about 1/2 the speed of the Vertex 4 for about $40 less (at the 128gb size range) which will closely max out your SATA II connection.  

As for RAID 0, sure you'll see a speed boost, but SATA III is already so fast the bottlenecking will likely shift back to the CPU.

Please remember spaces, so you don't make broken links. Even low end SSDs saturate SATA II bandwidth, which in practicality, is about 285MB/s. What really matters is the quickness (randon i/o) and acess time. With that said, the Vertex 4 is more than capable of what you want; it can saturate both SATA II & III. I would say RAID doesn't make too much space for SSD's. One is already plenty fast, especially the higher-end SSD's, such as the Vertex 4, and getting a larger SSD for capacity is cheaper (price/GB) than two smaller SSDs in RAID.

So just buy a 500gb ssd with highioops to get the best bang for Buck? Also will any of this give me trouble with my lap too? 


Sorry if the link was broken. I tend to press enter to space sentence or paragraphs. Not Used to a site not letting me do that.