SAS Controller In An MSI Z77A-GD65

Hey all,

We have some 15k RPM SAS drives that came out of a Dell Server where I work and we're not going to do anything with them other than eWaste them, so I was thinking about just taking them home.  The drives are perfectly operational, we just upgraded to a larger datastore.  

However, my PC at home doesn't have any built-in SAS capability that I know of.  I see that you can buy SAS controller cards.  Has anybody ever done this?  Will this work?  I remember hearing somewhere that some SAS controller cards are actually just SATA in disguise and you won't be able to utilize the simultaneous read/write capabilities that make SAS so great.

Am I only dreaming...or is this burning an eternal flame?

You can't physically attach SAS to a SATA controller, due to the reason you pointed out that SATA controllers just arent capable of handeling SAS drives.

You'd be best to just on ebay and pick up a SAS controller and the nesacary cables.