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So I’m redesigning my network from the ground up.

I’ll have symmetric gig (hello, game hosting) and I intend to make the most out of it.

My place is 2 story, ~2000sqft and I intend to put the NOC in the centrally located laundry room, given it’s convenient proximity and whatnot. Unfortunately, there’s no structured wiring at the moment, but I’m considering doing that in the future. For now, I think I’ll just aim for a single stronk AP.

I’m extremely out of practice with subnetting and whatnot, so at this point, I’m looking for recommendations for how you’d split the networks up if it were your house, and what address space the nets will take up.

So far, I’ve got this: – Trusted – Guest – IOT – LAB/Servers

Planning to run a mix of wifi IOT devices and zigbee/z-wave stuff, so I’ll need a dedicated IOT subnet.

Should I go IPV6? I don’t really know enough about it or the implications of going full IPV6 in the house. Can I drop IPV4?

Questions questions…

Anyways, this post is partially dropping my thoughts while I’m running around like a madman and partially the start of a blog.

I’ll share more as things continue.

Once again I am asking for your AP recommendations.


Cant wait for more…lol I always rambled on mine and got off track every once in a while…lol but I did pretty pictures lol

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I’ll have pictures coming soon-ish.

For the time being, I’m not really in any condition to take pictures… it’s a mess here.


Dual stack. Don’t drop ipv4. It’s needed for some fall over. Did you want to be able to access Newegg or anything without it? Because there’s a lot of sites that are still ip4 that are popular… as ridiculous and stupid as that is

Not gonna lie the new mesh stuff is super nice. You always have ubnt and micotik

Velop and Orbit come to mind as does Google Wifi. Wi-Fi doesn’t need to be tweaked and don’t let your authors and get the better of you. Enjoy convenience

Home should be a break from work and you shouldn’t have to come home and do IT work because you just spent all day doing IT work. Let’s be real

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Yeah, but I’m packed into a small area, I don’t want to put any more fur in the tubes than I need to.


My unifi ap wifi 6 has been great (works as a night light as well) and I currently have four SSID 's out of it. Run the controller as a container on the NAS.

Unforseen pro: Night light action (low light mode on cam so it appears brighter than it really is)

More accurate

IMO run cable as much as possible. I bit the bullet both ego and wallet and hired an outfit all day to run Ethernet to a lot of spots all running back to a closet I use as my network center (pfsense, PoE switch, 16 port ‘smart’ (vlans) switch.

Fast forward and it’s been awesome having wired Ethernet in various rooms and the garage.

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Problem is the place was built in 2017 and I really don’t want to be digging through wads and wads of insulation.


I would love to do it though.

Do you mind me asking, what did they charge you?


@SgtAwesomesauce You are in SD right? I will be there Labor Day weekend. If you help me run the wires in your place I’ll cut you a deal on labor. PM me if you want.


Laughs built in the 50s, plaster hell.

I think the cost ballooned as they had some hurdles with some of the walls so it ran over 1k.

Most of the cat6 is for exterior PoE cams, but also to wall jacks and to the garage.


Okay your a single dude. With a single home? How do you feel about an openwrt based 802.11ax single AP?

Most AX chipsets are based on the MediaTek MT76xx series which is widely supported by linux and openwrt. Thus just take a look at the table

Its open source and quite configurable in any manner but its like the arch linux of router software. You might like this. Id choose the UniFi AP 6 LR or the TP-Link EAP615-Wall v1. They are both conveniently wall mountable. Easy to wire away. Also the TP-Link is much more well equipped for the firmware on snapshot and has the better radio but the ubiquitin has the more powerful processor and better antenna array to handle 4x4 MIMO but again you are a single dude maybe looking at second person max… for the foreseeable lifetime of the device so its up to you.

Single AP wired into your protectli. Is quite simple. I know how your network is constructed ATM. This would not be too hard and would net you the performance you desire.

Just as a personal experience note, I set my Netgear open WRT router… the nighthawk AC2400 (w/4 antennae) … The first time I got it. I have never even so much as visited it’s interface or ssh ever again. It’s been true set and forget in dumb AP mode routed to my protectli. I just have an ap isolated guest wireless network with a different subnet and I tell opnsense not to allow that network to talk to others … I completely forgot how I set that up LMAO. That’s how set and forget it was for me.


@SgtAwesomesauce I highly recommend getting off common subnets like to avoid routing problems when using VPN, etc. There’s plenty of IP space in that isn’t commonly used.


Y’all don’t know what small is haha.


He has a opnsense firewall based on the coreboot power protectli and has extensive networking experience I doubt this will be too much of an issue.

That said I use class B 10.31.xx.yy :wink: :joy: and just subnet by changing the xx and I have no issues and even some of my vpns run on that. Routing isnt too bad when you have a good firewall router like opnsense but that’s my personal experience it could be different for some.

The kicker is I can cover 2000 sqtft up and down with a single router with good placement haha. So it’s small in my personal perspective lmao


Perfect. I’ve been trying to get away from the ubiquiti management interface to go to something more… Free.

Moving to Temecula, actually. But ill DM you.

I mean as far as wireless coverage goes. I’m coming from a 3600sqft place in the sticks, that was single story and had a lot of metal for interference. (Rented that place with two other dudes)

These houses… Maybe 20 feet between them.

The numbers aren’t set in stone, just throwing out suggestions for sizing.

Most businesses slice up a /24 from the 10 block these days for vpn, from what i can tell.

Will check.

Yeah, that’s staying, i think. My roommate wants to buy most of the network gear because it just works. He knows enough to figure it out.


Just a bit of a warning, 11ax (mt76) is very reliable yet so you most likely will see strange behaviour and instability running OpenWrt.


I would definitely put open WRT on the TP-Link I just mentioned then and hook it directly into opn sense cuz that’ll be a flawless setup. I have had no issues. It’s been a very reliable setup.

If you want lots of APs. The Belkin RT3200s have been reportedly extremely solid by many SNB forum users using openwrt. This is rapidly developing as well. Just a few months back none of this was stable


That was true about 3 months ago. It’s changed a lot as is the nature of something that’s being newly supported

There’s now a stable build. It literally says so in my link that I gave. It’s just a matter of following their instructions properly and configuring it properly. There’s a lot of options in 80211.AX that people want to mess with, but they really shouldn’t do that. That’s where most of the strange wireless behavior stands for. As for the rest of the system, most of that’s okay, especially the routing part and the switch part and changing the functionality from managed to dumb AP.


I have a very small space for VPN in the 172 RFC 1918.

What VPN are you looking at?

I have an OpenVPN setup but I didn’t have a warm fuzzy on split tunnel for full time phone and
travel connection so I broke down and setup tailscale for a very long upcoming set of travel.

Tailscale is everything it says it is… but its a 3rd party that has a tunnel ability into your NAT…

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No, it’s not “stable” by any means. If you want to challenge that feel free to tell everyone in (especially at the end) that they’re wrong. This is “the primary” platform that gets tested regarding 11ax and mt76.

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I just scrolled through the last 20 posts

Can you link us directly please?

Not seeing what you are seeing

If you are referring to the dude who bricked his interface testing a “snapshot” build there’s not enough information there to ascertain if that was user error or their firmware.

The most I saw is exactly 1 users testimonial that it went in recovery mode and reporting a bug (which is good to see. Bug reports are good/. And you know what. This is @SgtAwesomesauce we are talking about. He’s a dev. He knows how to handle these issues. I’d like not to have to scroll through 2000 posts. Exact issues would be helpful


You should probably check context (and like last 30 days or so), there are a lot of instability reports, poor range etc.

First post, 11n speeds are considered fine?
Second, not related to wifi at all
Third, ditto
Forth, might be one report of “good”

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