Sapphire vapor x r9 290x 8gb on amazon

r9 290x 8gb is on amazon

It's not really worth it.

considering you can grab two R9-290 Vapour-X cards for about less that price.

If that card was about $450 Then it may be Arguable. but $600? Ehh Go Home AMD you're Drunk..

Considering how there are others listing it for cheaper, I'd say it's a retail pricing issue. Not AMD's.

Well AMD hasn't really confirmed an Official price for these 8GB models. But if its over $450 Bucks they'd might as well shoot themselves in the foot. Like i mentioned above considering R9-290s are around the $250 range right about now. and some R9-290x cards run for about $320. Also the most expensive model of an R9-290X is about $380 i believe and that is for the MSI 290X Lightning. $450 sounds reasonable Any Price above that is Pushing it.

Are there any benchmarks for 4GB vs 8GB model? I don't consider tomshardware to be reliable for this since their 4GB model had a reference cooler and likely throttled.

You can expect one from Linus, since he just showed off two Vapor-X 8GB models on his LG 3440x1440p Eyefinity Video.

Unless you are rendering huge files with an open CL based program  ... it is not worth it

AMD just contacted him. They are sending him a third.... Ohh Lordy

Thats funny. these have been around for a yeah but there was a worldwide exclusive on them for Overclockers UK. I think I posted about it somewhere.

But this week along with all the other 8GB 290Xs that have been announced was the price drop of this exact card. But yeah quick conversion shows that $500-550 is about right for this card.

Damn you general progression of technology!

I only just bought my 2nd sapphire r9 290 tri x 4gb a month back


Mine is the age old complaint of any consumer purchasing high end technical goods :P