Sapphire vapor versus toxic 280 X what the difference?

I'm looking at 2 Sapphire cards, and I wanted to know what kind of features they have.

They don't do Toxic series anymore if I remember correctly. Vapor-X replaced Toxic-X. Their model from entry to enthusiast level goes as follow: Dual-X, Tri-X, and Vapor-X.

Vapor-X line has always been their flagship cards. I remember drooling over HD 7970 6gb Vapor-X card. That was a beauty of engineering. So, don't be fooled if you see R9 280x Tri-X with a backplate and Vapor-X doesn't. Even within the Vapor-X line, two cards of the same model with only vram amount as the differentiation, highest vram would be the only one to get the backplate such as the case with the HD 7970 3gb/6gb Vapor-X. I think they announced a while back that they're going to release an 8gb version of R9 290x, double the amount, just like they did with HD 7970.


Thank you for the reply. It helped out.