Sapphire Trixx vs MSI Afterburner?

I have a SAPPHIRE radeon 7950 that I have not overclocked yet and before I overclock it I've been wondering is, Should I overclock with Sapphire's own Trixx utility or MSI's Afterburner? I am new to overclocking so I thought that it would be better to use Sapphire's utility since I have a Sapphire GPU after all, but I have heard that MSI's Afterburner utility works very well on other manufacturer's graphics cards and that some people have also managed to achieve higher overclocks using MSI's software rather than the software that their card's manufacturer puts out.


Also, what would be a good overclock for my card?

The GPU manufacturer is irrelevant. You can use whatever overclocking utility you want regardless of who's name is on it as long as it works for AMD cards. You couldn't use something like EVGA precision because it is only for Nvidia because that is all EVGA makes. Personally I'd use MSI afterburner because it is a very good GPU overclocking tool and it has some nice features. I have an EVGA GTX Titan and I use EVGA precision but I've tried MSI afterburner and it works well. As for the overclock I'd shoot for maybe 1100Mhz core clock on your card and 1400-1600 for the memory. Just keep an eye on your temps

all programs work on all cards (assuming the manufacturer makes the same card, ie evga percision doesn't work on amd cards) and should give identical performance

i personally like asus gpu tweak for the maximum ammount of graph-age

I have a 7950 saphire and i used Msi Its a better tool i used that with HWinFO64

trixx and afterburner are the same program under the hood....