Sapphire R9 Fury indicator LEDs always on?

I have the Sapphire R9 Fury and the LED load light bar is always at 100% and I'm not sure why. I bought the card on launch day and have never had an issue with it although the load lights have always been a bit weird. While I doubt this has anything to do with it I'm running Linux. I really doubt the load lights are dependent upon drivers but I figured I'd mention it. Even when at idle during basic system use the fans will stop spinning as they're supposed to yet the load lights stay at 100%.

The driver reports the power state to AMD Crimson which then controlls the light.
The lights work for me on Windows7 but just go airfield mode when I boot into Ubuntu.

Alright thanks. It wasn't a big issue but even still I'm glad to know it's not my card.

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