Sapphire R9 280x LED?

I really want this card (mainly for the backplate being the 280x's are big cards), but apparently it has a blue LED which doesn't float my boat. Is there any way I can just turn this off, or will I have to uninstall it from the card? Any help would be very much appreciated.

you might want to read this :,review-32817.html

also... the sound of the fans is excruciating ! [*see video below]



Jesus that thing is loud. I had heard it was quiet. Thanks for showing that to me. I'm still torn between the MSI 280x and the Asus 280x. I'm leaning towards the asus right now.

The Asus direct CU II seems to be the most silent one under load. But the Msi is the coolest one under load.

no problem... we all need to make informed decisions when investing 500$ in hardware

Why are thay running that at 100% fan speed? who ever lets there card go above 50%?