Sapphire r9 270 2gb and PSU req?

Hello there, I'm thinking of getting this graphics card but I'm not sure if my PSU will be able to handle it, the gpu is a sapphire dual-x R9 270 (non X) 2GB and I have a cooler master Ex2 475 PSU, let me know what you think please.

here are my PC specs:

intel i7 870 @ 2.9Ghz (I know... it's old)

8gb RAM


Here is the link for the PSU model:

and for the GPU:

Thanks for any help!!

You'll be fine. 

I have a 270X and the requirement is a 500W power supply. I'm sure 475W could work but if you start getting frame lags or freezes, then you might want to upgrade.

The R9 270 is a 150w max power usage card one 6pin pcie = 75w one pcie x16 slot = 75w = 150w max you will be fine.

500W is what it says on the back of the box. The wattage requirement isn't even that big of a deal. The quality of the PSU, the amps on the 12V rail and if it can actually put out the wattage it says it can are what is important. That entire system will prob pull around 400W maybe a little more. That is at load with everything running 100%. 

You can run a 4770 and a GTX 780 on 450W. He'll be fine. But you are right if he does experience any issues like that then it could be the PSU, but I doubt he will. 

Thank you!!! I'll go get that GPU as soon as I can!! (Y)