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3584 Stream Processors28 nm Graphics Core Next (GCN)1050 MHz Engine Clock
PCI-Express 3.0
4096 bit Memory BusHBM Memory Type1000 MHz Effective Memory Clock4096 MB Size
Maximum 5 Outputs
1 x DVI-D1 x HDMI3 x DisplayPort
4096X2160 Pixel DisplayPort Resolution2500x1600 Pixel Dual Link DVI Resolution2160P HDMI Resolution
OpenGL® 4.5OpenCL 2.0DirectX® 12Shader Model 5.0
AMD CrossFireAMD PowerTuneAMD ZeroCore Power TechnologyFreeSync TechnologyAMD EyefinityQuad HD Display (4K*2K Support)AMD HD3D TechnologyComponent Heat Spreader16K Hours CapacitorIntelligent Fan Control10mm Heat PipeDual BIOSAMD Tress FX technologyAMD Liquid VR technologyAMD Virtual Super Resolution(VSR)AMD TrueAudio technologyUniversal Video Decoder (UVD)
Tri-X fansTwo ball bearing
Form Factor
2.2 Part Slot Occupied12.8x5x1.7 Dimension /Inch307x125x45 Dimension /mm
Power Consumption

Benchmarking File: Will be uploaded shortly.

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First. :)

Second :)
I find Different PSUs cause different amounts of coil wine.
As my Cooler Master GX750 (6 years Old Now) No Coil wine on the 280x but if I'm using the FSB Power Supply you can it's very noticeable.
Do other people find something similar?

Happy owner of a Sapphire Fury "standart version" (the one with the power level LEDs) and Witcher3
Witout hairworks on highest Settings I get 100FPS in 1080p. When I turn on FPS-cap I get your 62FPS. So I wonder if you missed the FPS-cap.
Edit: Before the latest SpaceEngineers-Patch I used that menu as "coil whine tester". My old 270X went opera singer while my Fury stayed calm.

Logan that nice polish is really nice. Pistol should make a tutorial.
The review is enjoyable -- it makes me want to buy the card a bit, even though I don't need it at all. What a good influencer you are!
I hope AMD finally makes a Linux driver.

This is the card I was looking at getting next in my upgrade scheme XD

So glad theres a review of it!

That is possible. Can´t test it as I only have a harddrive killer of a PSU and my trusty Thermaltake Berlin.
Mainboards with oscilloscopes confirmed?

I have a specific feeling the coil whine is caused by cheap filtering on graphics cards. I don't think the manufacturers are using enough or low enough ESR capacitors in their power phase designs for the graphics cards. The GPU power phases are usually the ones that get the best capacitors and more of them. The memory power phases however, I've found are the ones lacking in really good EMI filtering, they have just enough to pass UL specification. @Logan

Probably going to stick with recommending the nano in general with the recent price drops though. beats out the standard 980 at about the same power draw.

Let's suppose BIOS declines itself as the ancient greek "logos" (speech in English) provided they have the same terminaison. The plural form would be BIOI according to the second declension of masculine words ("logoi" for speeches).

Also what do you think is the best : using Dynamic Super Resolution (but I'm not sure I see as much difference as Logan says), or overclocking my LCD (as I have to deactivate DSR to do so and reach 75Hz instead of 60Hz) ?

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Yeah but the Nano is slightly slower in some benchmarks then the Fury.
And the Fury has a littlebit of overclocking headroom, but not much.

Har! If we could get this to catch on, that would be amazing. Sadly, BIOS is but a humble acronym, so a pronounced "BIOSes" would probably be best for the flow of spoken language, probably would be best for written language as well.

I totally agree. :)

I approve this message. Lol hell yeah! You reviewed the shit out of that hardware. At first I was like "oh shit someone got their nails did!" But it was pistol (I assume) I liked the whole dubstep cat inspired petting action at the end. That made me laugh.

Can Tek Syndicate review the card with the highest price to performance ratio: Sapphire R9 390 Nitro

I bought this card 2 weeks ago...

Guess Ill see if I made the good decision? XD

I have the original triX version this card, with a 100Mhz OC 24/7, I was considering selling it and picking up the Nitro, but after this video, I don't think its worth it

For what its worth I haven't noticed any coil whine on mine at all...Also I find with a custom curve you can get sapphire fury cards running under 60C with no real difference in the noise level coming from the card.

The HBM over-clocking didn't make any difference for me when I boosted it up to 550Mhz, so I wouldn't worry about it not being stable.

The only downside with this card for me is when a OC fails it completely blacks out the screen, i have never had this when Oc-ing GPU's before.

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same... its really werid

(also I realised I have the Trix not the nitro. ooops)

I forgot to mention, you can now over-clock fury cards cards using afterburner, voltage is unlocked, and you can give even more voltage than with Trixxx.

Also i found with Trixxx installed it made switching between screen modes extremely slow, i run three 1080p screen and i sometimes turn two off when gaming, and this could take upto 30 seconds to change when Trixxx was enabled, I removed Trixxx and this issue went away.

Sorry if this is taking the focus off the nitro card, but i want to give some insight into owning a fury card, they are an awesome card.

Not interested. 2018 will be the year I get a card .... maybe. Single card solution that runs 4K at 60 FPS with details maxed with PhysX and is affordable. Nvidia card at $350 before tax is when I will buy. If I have to wait til later than 2018 I will.