Sapphire hd 7870 vs GTX 760

hi there,


i want to build a new pc and my budget is 750 euro (netherlands).

so i can choose 7870 or GTX 760.

also do i get free games with the 760??

GTX 760.Also i dont know if you get free games.

And can the gtx 760 max out almost all games?

The 7950 has reduced in value, near the value of the 7870, in most countries (not sure about the Netherlands). The 7950 destroys the 760 after overclocking, it's a much better card.

However, if the 760 is the best that you can afford, it is a card that promises a good level of performance. You will be happy with it.

Check out this videos.

you now get splinter cell blacklist for free with the gtx 760 i don't know if its just in the uk and how long its going to last but ive just got a asus direct cu II 760 and am going to redeem a blacklist coupon.

the 760 can max out all games maybe excluding crysis 3 and some other similarly intense games

is the 7950 better because i won't oveerclock 

the 7950 cost here: 260 for the sapphire one so it's expensife :(

The GTX 760 can outperform the 7870 if you have one with good cooling because of GPU Boost 2.0. The ASUS DC2 760 is apparently very powerful because of GPUB2.0.

well a GTX760 is arround the same price as a Radeon 7950, but a Radeon 7950 is a much better performing card.

if you not going to overclock the gpu..

or this one is better:

to bad the prices up here are a bit higher then in the states. i dont know if you live near the German boarder because in germany GPU´s are cheaper. but not much.

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i live in amsterdam so no :(

i think i'll go with the GTX 760 as i'm already 40 euro over my budget :(

7870xt FTW!

The 7950 has the best price/performance ratio right now and with a medium overclock can go over a 7970's stock performance. It can max out anygame at 1080p and most games at 1440p.

Personal benchmark.

Crysis 3 - the same zone Logan test (the bridge area in the first level)

29 fps on max settings 1080p with smaa x4 high and 31 fps with fxaa

Of the two cards posted, the gtx 760 is WAY better. now the 7950 isnt far behind the GTX 760 and is cheaper... AND has 3gb of video memory, which is good. The cheapest gtx 760 4g I have seen is $298. The jump to 7970 is a bit of a bump, but at the 250 mark I would consider a 7950, $300 mark I would do the 760 4gb, and above that I would do the 7970, until $450.. then the GTX 770 4gb. and then $780.... Then everything else is a waste of money for gaming.

If you prefer Nvidia then just go for it, a Radeon 7950 is a better performer for the same price, i linked 2 cards.  a msi  oc edition single Fan for €227 i think thats not a bad deal, you cannot buy a GTX760 for that money.. but if you want a card that stays cooler on overclocks then the other card i posted €254 Msi 7950 TF is a great choice. its all upto you. a GTX760 performs better then i 7870 so yea in that case the GTX760 is the winner, but compaired to the simmelar priced Msi 7950 Twin frozer, the Radeon is winner.

so yea i personaly recommend a 7950.

I slightly behind the 760? An overclocked 7950 compares to an overclocked 770. Therefore, the 7950 smashes the 760. Price of the 7950 MSI Twin Frozr has dropped below 200 in both the US and the UK. Really good buy right now, I am sure you would agree. Plus those free games.

What about just overclocking a 760 4gb? The aftermarket models with custom PCB's are pretty amazing.

Sure it will compete but it's price to performance ratio won't be any near as good as the 7950's


Before the reductions in the price of 7950s, I really liked the 760. It promises a lot for such a cheap card. I think it is debatable whether a 760 could utilise 4GB. AMD/ATI truly have that part of the market cornered.

Though, I will be building my friend a computer using the 760. The games he likes to play run best on Nvidia. So I guess it still comes down to the individual, but the 7950 is the higher performing card.

OP lives in the Netherlands, and the 7950 is still a little more expensive there. Making the 760 pretty relevant. But, my personal preference would be the 7950. I think it is worth the extra cost.

I completely understand the cost/benefit ratio, I really think it comes down to how much you got to spend. If I got $300, its going to be the gtx 760 4gb.. if I have less, then the 7950. It really just comes down to how much you have to spend. Why not get the best that you can afford?

The 7950 isnt better than an overclocked gtx 760, but the 7950 is definately better for price to performance, but by that arguement no one should buy anything else. Get the best that you can afford. If you cant afford it, then get the next best thing, which is fortunately still pretty good.

Here is a video of the 7950 with similar performance values as the 770 at 1440p. The 760 doesn't come close, quite frankly.

The 4GB 760 offers no performance advantage over the 2GB model.

Though, the 4GB might be advisable for SLI + Nvidia surround. However, I can't be sure of that