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Sapphire FS-FPV5 Review | Level One Techs


I foresee group buy possibilities, what kind of specs do you need ,I/O etc?


Take a look at it here

Just to be clear, I am no shill and have no association with the developers. Just looks a cool product and one that is similar the unit discussed here. (And will be available in small quantities.)


Seemed kinda bot like since fresh account, and posting link to random kickstarter
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Yes, sorry. Have been watching L1 Tech shows since they started. Only joined here today, because the UDOO BOLT is so similar to the Saphire, but will be available in small qtys, which looks a popular need, (looking at these posts.)

(Long in the tooth eng here, so not too “au fait” with posting norms. But a real person, honest!)


I don’t get why people ‘invest’ in kickstarters …it doesn’t compute. Though it does look a cool piece of kit.


Man, this board seems like a great fit for a tiny pfSense box. 2 x10G nic’s would be amazing.


I have bought into about 4 small FPGA / development board projects on Crowd Supply. All have delivered, although one was almost 18 months behind schedule. All others were damn close to on-time. All have provided what was promised (except timescales) at the originally agreed prices and given me products that have allowed me to continue to develop my skills much more cheaply than with commercial boards.

The majority of the products are fully open source, both hardware and software.

So in my experience they have been well worthwhile. I may feel differently if I get caught with a “lemon” project. but so far, I’ve been very happy.


@wendell Did you manage to get lm-sensors working on this board by any chance? I couldn’t get any temps and still haven’t gotten back official word from the eng team.

I’ve been testing this board (I got an 1807 and a 1605 for eval) on an off over the past month. One thing to note, the officially supported version of Ubuntu LTS is - which actually works, but only because AMDGPU isn’t built-in at all - also if you try to use 18.04, OOTB the 4.15 kernel freaks out - you need to run in nomodeset until you upgrade to 4.17+, a bit of a PITA to get the GPU working properly. Overall it seems like a good board, but for my purposes an 8250U USFF options seems to be a better fit. If you need a 4 x DP output industrial board though, this seems like a great deal if you are willing to doing some futzing while rolling your BSP.

A couple notes: expected EOL 2023. Board height w/ default cooler is about 37mm for you SFF fanatics (and don’t expect to get it <35mm unless you have VLP SODIMMs and are willing to do some surgery on the backplate connectors). Uses a Fintek F81803U i/o chip but as mentioned above I didn’t have success w/ lm-sensors much less GPIO. I think for tinkerers that aren’t in a rush, if you can wait until December, the UDOO Bolt KS is a better option (cheaper, more useful connectors, smaller and lower profile board).

I’ll probably keep the 1807 around to futz with, but I do have an unopened 1605 in the US if anyone is having a particularly hard time getting one/needs to get their hands on one, drop a PM (I can sell it at cost, but be aware the shipping was non-trivial since the boards were sent Fedex Intl Priority from HK).


did you try forcing some of the common sensor devices that are likely to be compatible? I bet that would work. Will have to try that


You know, I thought I did that while testing before, but I have this on my bench still and just tried I forcing f71882fg onto it right now and it looks like it is giving sensical numbers in sensors. So, that was easy (still no GPIO though).


HDMI requires complaince testing, licensing, etc where as DP anyone can just add it.


BTW I can vouch for UDOO, they make excellent SBCs (I have a couple of them) and this isn’t their first x86 rodeo. They’re actually the maker sub-brand of SECO, a European industrial board mfg that’s been around forever.


All the more reason not to kickstart, they can raise capital if they need. I’m sure, well it sounds like, the gear is great.


Well, there are different kinds of Kickstarters. In the tech category they tend to split into high flying pie-in-the-sky/first-time hardware developers that tend to inevitably run years late or flame out, smaller scale boards/workman-like DYI electronics projects that are usually pretty great (although, I’ve seen more and more of those migrate to Crowd Supply) and really are looking primarily to fund productions, and then projects that don’t necessarily need KS for the funds, but use KS mainly as a pre-sale/go-to-market strategy. Usually you’re not getting more than a bit of a discount/priority delivery, but it can be worthwhile if you know you want something. For those latter companies its less about the money (although, raising KS funds is still easier than trying to fundraise/secure additional lines of credit IMO), but about the other things that a successful KS project can provide - building and attracting the right audience/community, gauging interest, etc.

Anyway, while I’d consider the Bolt one of the latter, the pricing is honestly pretty great, and it’s the best/only choice on the horizon for a tinkerer-oriented Ryzen SBC so unless you want to wait even longer, the KS is really your only option.


Mostly for digital signage, so, being able to run four 4k displays on video or webpages and thats about it, having some sort of iPMI would be super nice also.


Here is the manual and product brochure for this product if anyone is interested. I got them from sapphire direct


For those of you talking about a group buy… consider this.
Whoever runs the buy probably needs $30 markup to make it worth their while.

FS-V1202B board cost $325 at 100 units plus inbound shipping
2 Cores 4 Threads @ 2.3- 3.2GHz, 12-25W

Outbound shipping via priority mail medium flat rate box is $13.65
Credit card processing fees probably about 8 bucks on $370 sale.

Also note, this is the lowest end part with unpopulated storage and memory.
See the original review link at the top for the specs and other part configurations.

So that kick starter is actually offering a very decent value. I wonder what their price will be once they are in stock.


Well, I just got my board. It looks really good!!!


How do you set the bios set to 3200mhz ram I don’t see an option for it?


update the uefi, then its there