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Sapphire FS-FPV5 Review | Level One Techs


I think it would be worth the extra money since it woudl expand the targeted market for such a box. Depends on how much more it increases the cost


if that was the case, i’d need to be sold as multimedia box instead; and working on gui may be harder.

i haven’t researched market at all for that, but it’d definitely be around $150 then to be successful.


You would just sell it as a bare bone system, if you sell it as a pfsense box you gotta put the ram in, storage, etc.


yea, thats the idea.


I dont think the people who want this box for pfsense, would care about that extra work and would rather it cost less and need a bit of time to put together.


well i had custom boards i got from alibaba a year or 2 years ago on ebay. I built 30 boxes, they all sold for $80.

lot of people want them, but have no knowledge how-to.


Not saying you cant do it, but L1T has enough on their plate already so adding more support then hardware would add a lot of manpower time. You can still offer upsales for adding ram storage and basic PFsense install.


i’m just talking about making business myself; not likely i’d want to share revenue with L1T unless they want to market it.


Ahh i was thinking you were talking L1T since wendell did say he could add them to the store etc in the video


but just fyi, there’s empty market space in pfboxes - out of the box -.


yeah the ones pfsense sell are kinda pricey for what you get (but again support etc cost $$$)


worst part is getting board with 2x1gig or 2x10gig eth ports; shits hard to find.


Been waiting for some sweet aquantia based products to drop for a 10gbe switch


just a thought went through my head for multimedia box i could offer squid caching too.


I was so excited for this because it is just what i have been looking for. Then Wendell said not for consumer, now that excitement is dead. Looks like i will have to continue with projects already started.


We just need to get 100 people together to buy one of these things direct from Spahire, I believe.

I think that was why mutation wanted wendell to buy a whole bunch of these. That is, if there was interest.


At $350 to $450 each I’m not sure how many people would actually jump for one.


considering dual 10gbe intel cards are like $100 on ebay, its a rough sell if you have a box with pcie expansion, if you have nothing then its a sweet deal


Did anyone look into the UDOO Bolt on Kickstarter? 2 different boards with hi & low spec CPUs & GPUs.
Looks to be similar outline spec, slightly less capable Vega capability, but ready for single unit buy and a few extra bits like an Arduino bolted on the side too.


I have so many uses for this, but I would only need like 10-12. @Wendell TheRedNoseRainDeer let me know if you guys start selling these. Will have to find one to test with before that, happy to give you guys the markup if you do.