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Sapphire FS-FPV5 Review | Level One Techs


Please Note: This product is not aimed at consumers, enthusiasts or gamers. It is aimed at industrial and commercial and industrial customers that are buying in quantity to incorporate powerful, cost-effective single-board computers into their application. Level1 has a full video overview of this board as well, located here.

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Ironic, I was looking at similar boards last night for project(s).

Worst part about these kinds of boards is usually acquiring them.


Was so hoping to see one of these out in the wild before the 2400G but went with the latter anyway. This would make an amazing tiny HTPC.


that’s coincidental not ironic


AMD NUC time.


Das ist mir egal :man_shrugging:


A week or so ago I was thinking about making a Commodore 64 form factor computer with a custom keyboard. I think for projects like that (or even a small laptop), a Mini STX motherboard with an MxM video card would be ideal. As 3D printers get more accessible, I think many people will come up with some very cool projects around these small x86 computers.

I wonder if in the future Sapphire or other companies would make these available for DIY projects…


Would be cool to have you guys carry stuff like this

Did you try and use the onboard sata port and the nvme at the same time? since you could then use the m.2 to run a x4 pcie card with adapters

If you dont want to take as much of a risk upfront you could run a group buy and if you could get like X preorders you could cover some of the upfront and not have as much stock on had at the store


At first I was :slight_smile:

Then after that not for consumers remark… :frowning:





For pfsense I want the dual 10 gig plus dual 1 gig config I saw at computex


i wonder if hardware wise it’d be feasible to sell pre-made pfsense (with lists) boxes on amazon/ebay.


Need something to compete with the atoms in the low cost pfsense sector, with AES-NI ofcourse.



Down side woudl be providing support like wendell said in the video a sweet Dual 10gbe and maybe dual 1gbe would be an amazing box

@wendell do you have and sodimm ecc to test in it?

Wonder if you could get an ipmi on these too (guessing not but who knows)


not necessarily, i could make a simple apache installation there with web admincp in php. Shouldn’t be too hard to make it. I could hijack with NAT traffic to certain url/ip.

I would be ok with just 2x 1gig or 2x 10gig for customer sale; and i definitely don’t need any other outputs except power.

but according to my past market research, it would need to be under $70 to sell good.
If i can’t get it under, well i’d just have to stop like i did in past (I sold 30 pfsense boxes with 1gig on custom boards from alibaba.)


Would want 1 display output for sure, and at least 1 usb.


nah no need; I would have setup already done, i would just clone SD card or something.


Not saying you cant skip that, but would make it more usable for other things later and not limit the target audience as much. 1 HDMI port cant add to much to the BOM (would say DP but thats more expensive for sure)


i’d say its extra cost, and possibility for customer to screw around too much.