Sapphire 7950 Vapor-X rattling fan. What to do next?

Hello so I have a Sapphire 7950 Vapor-X and one of the fans is making rattling noises but still spins pretty well.

I'm assuming this means the bearing is broken but it could just need to be oiled? Either way it seems like getting at the fans is quite a task.

There are 3 options that I see, I either...
-Get fan replacements
-Get a aftermarket cooler
-Buy a new graphics card

Does anyone know of some good aftermarket coolers for this GPU?
If I were to just man up and get a new GPU how much would it cost to get something equivalent to what I have now?

Thanks for any help!!! :)

Update: Also it appears that only one fan is spinning (the broken one). Is this to lower power consumption at lower temps or is this not supposed to happen???

The re-branded 7950 is the R9 280. The "updated" version is the R9 285, which has the updated chipset (Tonga.)

Performance-wise, the R9 285 bounces between the R9 280 and the R9 280X. It may have less physical RAM, but it operates off of some new color compression technology that makes up for it. It also has freesync support, bridgeless crossfire, and AMD True Audio. If you're interested in any of that stuff.

The cost is, generally, around $200. You can find it on-sale for around $180, if you're savvy.

However, before you update/replace your GPU, send an e-mail to Sapphire. See what they have to say. They may send you new fans, although there may be a slight cost.

Okay awesome! Sounds good.

Thanks for the response :D

You could always ghetto rig some case fans to the bottom of the cooler. I've seen people do that before with some noctuas and it worked quite well. No need to spend $200 to get performance that would be about the same as if you spent $50.

you always could use wd40 ... fixes all the issues.

This is a bit unrelated, but I've read and experienced a lot of fan rattling with the Sapphire Dual-X cards. My 7950 would rattle like hell when ever I launched a game. Fortunately I was able to solve the problem by loosening two screws on the front of the card. Apparently they install the plastic shroud too tightly on these cards.