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Sapphire 5700XT Memory temps high

I’m having an issue with memory temps on my Sapphire 5700XT Pulse. I don’t know what’s left to try.

My memory temps are getting up to 92-98c after gaming for a while, this can be after 15-30mins. I can reproduce this easily after running about 3-4 short furmark tests.

My normal GPU temp and almost always even junction temps are lower than my memory temps. For example after 3-4 furmarks, Memory got up to 94c, junction/hot spot to 88c and GPU to 68c.

I’ve tried undervolting, by using adrenalin auto undervolt, have tried it manually as well. Tried DDU a few times as well. I’ve also tried switching to the silent bios, but this doesn’t change much or anything as far as I can see, regarding temperatures.

My card is in a Fractal Design Node 202 ITX case, paired with a Ryzen 5 3600. All other temps are fine, cpu is usually pretty low under 70c. There are two 120x15mm Noctua fans right next to the GPU, a few weeks ago they were intake, as this was recommended online, however I noticed high gpu temps. I turned them to exhaust and temps improved alot, however at the time I didn’t really checkout memory temps. I now turned one fan back to intake, but memory temps seem similar.

I’m wondering why the difference between GPU memory temp and GPU temp is so big. Did I just have bad luck and should I RMA it, or are there ways to fix this?

Any suggestions are welcome.

Test it outside the case to make sure it is actually the card.


Another Sapphier 5700XT owner here.
Mem temp from my limited testing is between 50 and 70°C for me.