Sapphire 290x with 8 GB of memory?

Is it true that they have a Sapphire 290 X with 8 GB of RAM?

Yes, according to several articles. Although, such a huge amount of VRAM is largely useless.

Yes and last I checked the exclusive was given to Might have been lifted by now but here it is.

It would be pretty awesome for crossfire and running games higher then native res

no way. would be great for multiple 4k displays.

Largely useless, few people are stupid enough to do that and on top of that: who's to say the rest of the card is even good enough to keep up with the huge amount of VRAM without proper benchmarks? 

here are 4k benchmarks. it would be a possible conjecture to say higher vram capacity could improve preformance, esp in games with high rez textures.

599.99 pounds  = 1004.74 US Dollar

I say this is an awesome card. First, 8 GB of video RAM how can you not like that. Furthermore, I think we need to ask Logan to get his hands on this card. Last, he needs to test this card to see if it holds up to PC games.