Saphire HD7870 XT Overclocking

Hi everyone im new here seems like an awsome forum and loving the youtube videos.

Anyway Just built my first gaming rig as well as first computer ever. I decided to go with a Saphire HD 7870 XT edition with boost, and after searching i came up with no guides to overclocking this gpu.

Since im new to overclocking i dont want to take it on without some guidence from those who have done it. If anyone has had experiance with this gpu that can help, i would really appreciate it.


Cpu: AMD FX-8350

Gpu: HD7870 XT

Ram: G.Skill Ripjaws 16GB at 1600 MHz

Cpu Cooler: Xigmatek Dark Night Night Hawk Edition (Push Pull)

OS: Windows 8

Any other infromation on optimising my system would be great.

Thanks Luke,

1. Open Catalyst Control Center, or MSI Afterburner for a less pleb tool

2. Drag the slider higher, say +50 on the core clock and memory clock

3. Play a few differant games for a few hours

4. Repeat from step two till it crashes, freezes, you get artifacts, or you need a cigarette then move to step five

5. Step the core clock back so it's stable, look at temps

6. Is the temperature under 80-90c under load?

No- Drop the clock

Yes- Masturbate

7. Congrats, set the values in BIOS to lock them in, or just make sure CCC or afterburner is on startup



what program should i use to simulate load on the gpu. also when i get a stable clock and the temps are on the higher side could turning up the fan speed lower this


msi kombuster, is boss for loading your gpu

Yes turning up fan speed can help out, and I generally just play a game but I'd probably use that one the guy above suggested.

Dont forget that to gain stability you can change your voltage, and FYI theres is no way to modify the BIOS of the video cards to OC them through a program, its the program itself that applies the overclock when it starts.

If you want to Torture your GPU, run furmark or Kombustor for at least an hour, preferrably 2 and check the temps/make sure there are no artifacts.