Saphire 7950 Vapor-X overclokable?

So I read on the web that 7950 Vapor-X has some of the best parts but unlike the Dual-X is LOCKED and can not be overclocked. From what I understand this is only the case with the 7950.

Anyone here own/owned a 7950 Vapor-X that can confirm or deny this?

I just bought a new one like a week ago to crossfire with my vapor-x 7970. Pm me in a week and I can tell you if nobody is able to help you.

is there a BIOS switch right by the crossfire busses?

I have a sapphire 7950 Boost edition. It's voltage locked. 

I did get mine to 1180/1500 With no voltage boost, though.

did you not flip the switch?

My card actually came with Both Bios being the same, really. It was strange. I thought about RMAing it, but didnt, because it wasnt an issue. Both BIOS game me a base clock of 950/1250