Sanity check - am I just being a derp or are Level1's Q&A videos Patreon-exclusive?

99.99% of my interaction (if you can call it that) is via watching the Level1Tech and Level1Linux YouTube channels and it was only just a couple of months back that I registered to ask a question and then subsequently noticed the July AMA thread and asked an unrelated question in there about the mouse cursor on basically every Linux distro seemingly being offset horizontally by 1 pixel and having not a clue where to go/what to do regarding that issue.

From there then I got involved with multiple completely unrelated things for the last, uh… 5 weeks now? and only just got back around to re-visiting the AMA to see if the video has since been made.

But, well, the only place I can seem to find any sort of recent Q&A(s) are on the Level1 Patreon; the only Q&A(s) I can find on YouTube for example are several years old by now.

So I’m simply asking for a sanity check - are the Q&A videos Patreon-exclusive and, if so, what is the tier required to gain access to them? If they aren’t Patreon-exclusive then may I ask where else they are posted?

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Most Q&A are for Patreon yes, I think though the onw you are talking about recently was for youtube but I can’t be sure.

As I kind of alluded to, I did check their YouTube channel but there aren’t any videos that to me look like a Q&A that have been made in the last few months (I didn’t check any older since the forum thread itself where the questions were asked was created in July).

I am pretty sure that there was a Q&A session like a few week ago on YT.

Are you by chance referring to this video? (this is the “video code” that normally goes in the youtube URL; I cannot post links)


Unfortunately this seems to be considerably more recent than the Q&A that I was looking for (July), especially since there was another thread created at the very end of July of this year talking about how the most recent Q&A - once again, this is the “thread code” that normally goes in the forum URL for a given forum thread:


Yes. That [R1ovXzYTs1I] is the one that I was referring to.
I also remember seeing one in July but I cannot find it. Maybe it was unlisted?