Sandisk Extreme 240 gig?

Sandisk Extreme 240 gig? Anyone else used these of I picked up two for cheap for cache drives, and OS for editing and stuff. mainly anyone seen issues with these I have noticed there not as fast as my Intel 520s that I used to have but could just be my observations are off.

I have 2 64gb sandisk ssds that I use one for a cache drive and the other as a boot drive in a spare computer and I they have worked great and they were cheap.  I would say they are similar to my samsung 830 but that is the only thing I can compare.  The 520 seems like is should be faster as its more expensive but maybe look up some benchmarks and see what one should be faster.

Well I hope they last for me, for a bit. I do a ton video work for school and side projects ill be happy if they last me 1-2 years. But in my new system I might go with the Samsung EVO since this PC will just be a render node in a few months.