SAN storage

Hi L1!
I’m looking for a cheap SAN storage solution with synchronous replication and iSCSI , around 200k IOPS and SAS 15k or SSD disks.
All the local distributors are offering HPE Nimble for 40k or MPE MSA for 10k but with asynchronous replication.
Any suggestions?

Synchronous replication? Over what distance?

What capacity? Define “cheap”?

I don’t think you’ll get synchronous replication and cheap in the same sentence.

I’ve not been playing with arrays that big (well i reckon the Purestorage i have might get somewhere close in IOPs - haven’t pushed it to be honest), but can confirm that I’m impressed with Purestorage - have run Equalogic and Netapp arrays in the past. Their compression rates are huge. Also Pure is easy as to administer and look after. Need to shut it down? there is no required process. Just pull the plug so long as you’ve shut the workload off.

Getting 200k IOPs may be cheaper and easier out of flash than racks and racks of disk - especially if you don’t need fuck tonnes of capacity.

The Purestorage array i’ve currently got was purchased after an evaluation period. It may be worth hitting them up and seeing what they have to say and if they will give you a trial.

That assumes you’re willing to be flexible with replication. I haven’t looked into it with Pure, but I do my replication for DR, etc. with Zerto anyway.

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