Samsung thinks theyre unaccountable for their faulty products and resulting consequences

EVERYONE. do me a favor and read this. today after charging my phone it broke. now after contacting samsung, they said that it has internal cracks in the screen which can be caused by heat. they even confirmed that it could very easily be heat from charging which is the cause. now, i absolutely NEED my phone to do my job which i just got. the longest i can possibly wait is thursday. samsung absolutely refused to work with me on the timeline even after offering to pay expedited shipping costs and they basically made it clear that i "have bad luck" and that their product will likely prevent me from being able to do my job, is not their problem. now, if you feel that a corporation should be responsible for ALL of their product failures and the problems that they cause, please make sure that others see this. samsung needs to be held accountable for making a faulty product

"Thursday"?  As in, day after tomorrow?

Other than the timeline, are they willing to honor the warranty (assuming it exists and is still valid)?

yes. as in after tomorrow. that's when i have to work next. they want the phone sent in to be evaluated as to whether or not it's their fault. but i cant work in the mean time. and without my job, i cant even afford to have the phone to begin with. the guy at verizon even made it clear to me that the problem with my phone could not be my fault

The quality of Samsung's phones have been going down here. I currently have a Motorola Droid 3, it's still kicking for me.

i more so cant believe that they outright told me that they didn't care that i could lose my job over this. and that i even offered to pay expedited shipping and they flat out refused. samsung could certainly afford to have verizon give me a phone and reimburse them. but it seems they don't care about their customers

Yeah the batteries seem to crap out due to overheating. Even with that problem I still bought a samsung to replace my last couple of samsungs that died for this reason. Price is too good. You should be charging your phone when it hits twenty percent of battery life left, and don't leave it on the charger when it hits one hundred percent. Li-ion batteries don't like to be charged for too long. Just ask Boeing.

Your expectations are ridiculous.  Samsung will have set procedures in place for dealing with warranty returns, and rather unsurprisingly they didn't include your work schedule in there when they set them in place.  Offering to pay for expedited shipping is irrelevant, they can't just step outside their regular process to accommodate you.  Once they step outside their established procedures they lose accountability for the phone.  They also can't give your case priority over the existing warranty claims, which is pretty much what you're asking for.

You're also barking up the wrong tree if you require an interim phone while yours is in for repair.  You got your phone through verizon?  See verizon.  If they won't help you either, buy another phone.  Use it while you wait for yours to be repaired and then stick it in a draw as an emergency spare. 

maybe i wrong, it wouldnt be the first time. and like i said, its not the timeline being out of their hands that i have a problem with. it's being flat out told that i just have bad luck and that they dont care if i lose my job because of their faulty product. just seems like bad business not to help out a loyal customer in a situation like that

I don't think it's going to be so much that they don't care, but possibly that you managed to rile up a service desk monkey asking for the impossible so much that he's said something he perhaps shouldn't have.

Basically you're expecting them to deliver a zero downtime product.  That's not how consumer goods work.  If it breaks it goes in for warranty repair.  Occasionally some companies will arrange loan goods to tide you over, but this is the exception not the rule.  The reality is for products that require zero downtime, people pay through the nose for the privilege.  Something like a server might cost $2000, but then have a warranty and service contract on top of that's worth half as much again.

In your situation you really need to make your own arrangements, and it's something you should have already thought about.  I mean, this is your job right?  If you need something for your job you need to plan how to handle situations where it's not available.  Luckily this one is cheap and simple.  You get a spare phone.  If it was something like your car, you make sure you have insurance that covers a hire car if yours is off the road.  If you can't manage that, you have to be ok assuming the risk.  It's how life works.

I like Samsung phones, because they do some things better than other manufacturers:

1. Amoled displays look great but use much less power than backlit TFT displays;

2. Samsung makes its own batteries, which last throughout the entire warranty period of two years with more than daily cycling, and at the end of that, they still have almost 100% of the capacity;

3. Samsung makes the best PCBs of all phone manufacturers out there. The crash zones at the corners of the PCBs and the variable layer density of the PCBs make a huge difference in terms of reliability;

4. Samsung makes it easy to load alternative firmware and free software, even though they have their own app store, and even provide enterprise grade features (like remote group management, remote locking, tracking, etc...) without Google spyware. It's an independent service that requires no access to private data;

5. Samsung is a major linux kernel developer, and a major linux open source developer. They share a lot with the linux community to make stuff better. They were also the first to implement SELinux on Android devices. They are also the developers of the F2FS filesystem especially made for better performance and more functionality on flash memory storage devices;

6. Samsung is a huge sponsor and developer of everything that makes mobile data better than landline based data. They invest huge amounts of money and make dedicated development hardware that they distribute to developers and testers, and offer quite a lot of valuable support for developers of technological innovation;

7. Samsung phones are very good on the inside, but don't overspend on the outside trimmings that nobody needs;



That being said, it is their legal right to verify your claim of a defect. That takes time. If you require mission critical hardware, you should pay for a professional service contract that provides you with mission critical hardware. Samsung provides these things through a network of service partners, and ISP's deliver those through enterprise contracts. On the other hand, if you just get a device by either buying it directly in retail yourself or by having a subsidized consumer ISP contract, you just didn't pay for what you're asking Samsung to do.

A quick solution would be to rent a smartphone for the time your device is being repaired.

okay, so now that i've had a night to calm down, i would like to clarify a few details. yes it aggravated me that they claim there is nothing they can do to get me a phone in time with a guarantee from the verizon associate that i didn't break the phone. i still think they could, they're samsung for christ's sake. now, i understand i can't do a damn thing about that. here's where my real issue is. the screen has internal cracks from heating up while charging. samsung claims this voids their warranty because it is not the standard of their product. it is my understanding that warranties are set in place to protect the consumer from products that are not up to the manufacturer standard. now furthermore, i have never heard of a lithium ion battery that does not heat up during either charging or intense use. samsung denied that their batteries do this. i have held several others that did the same thing. perhaps others with this phone could verify this for me? now my other issue as that it was multiple people i spoke to who told me it was essentially not their problem that their product could cost me my job. i understand the timeline is impossible. i still think they should have procedures set in place for scenarios such as this but at the end of the day, they don't. just, why do they insist that my phone not being up to their standard prevents them from warrantying it? if i could just get that other people have had their phones heat up consistently, that would be appreciated, because i know samsung is lying to me. and just to be clear, the verizon associate spoke to samsung as well and even said that it was very obvious they didn't want to be bothered with the issue


If you absolutely must have something to do your job you should have access to a spare. and if your company didn't provide you with what ever that is phone, laptop, tablet, car, fishing rod, then its up to you to provide it. It blows my mind that people don't take responsibility for this. Warranties are not a guarantee that you will always have a working device when you need it. Rather its a promise form the company that if there is a problem with a product that they made and that problem is caused by them that they will repair or replace the Item. If you read your Warranty an expectable time line might be in place for the service but even if you Same day shipped your device to a repair facility that likely to be servicing thousands of other products probably for multiple companies (when you send your phone away it will likely not go to Samsung but an authorized service center)  its unlikely that they would be able to sort out your device from the others arriving by Thursday. Let alone service / diag it.

 IMO saying you have bad luck was being nice. The poor guy at the call center probably though he was empathizing with you while not being able to accommodate your demands for service that fall outside the scope of the warranty. It seems that the only person who was not responsible in this story is the OP

My suggestion is to go to the store and get a prepaid phone to use until you can get your item serviced or replaced.(Its probably going to take a few weeks) Then keep it for the next time something happens to your phone.

I don't see how they could determine that it wasn't a defect with out having a tech evaluate the device. That said for heat to cause the screen to crack the battery would have to get very hot I mean very very hot can you see any discoloration on the battery or is it distended at all? if so that could provide the proof.

What model of phone do you have?

The dead horse has already been beaten into submission, but I am going to put on my asshole hat and say this;

No manufacturer of any device can be held responsible for loss of profit or income, as they are built to be used normally and not for monetary gain. Verizon cannot prove that you did or did not break the device, and they are not privy to any information regarding defects in a device. This is the first that I have heard about a screen cracking due to heat, and my S4 has yet to suffer from such an issue. BTW; You never did mention what kind of Samsung device you have, just screamed out 'Samsung device' like an hormonal-unbalanced teenager. If you have an S4, then you will have a Gorilla Glass screen which is very resistant to cracking in normal conditions.

As for the device heating up, that only happens under certain conditions;

- Extreme usage of the SoC, such as overclocking, stuck background process, or playing games.

- Uploading/downloading a lot of data which causes the battery to warm up as it's being heavily drawn.

- Defective battery or defective charger. Are you using the correct charger??

Seeing that this is the first of me hearing or seeing anything like this with a Samsung product, I am going to use the the jargon of  FUD and ID10T. Further more, if you require a phone to remain employed, acquire a sense of redundancy and BUY TWO PHONES!