Samsung Tablet - Black Screen of Death

So I did some Googling on this and nothing has helped resolve this matter on my old Samsung Tablet device, I think it is an older Tab 3 or 4 model, 10.1 inch size.

I’ve since purchased a new model Samsung tablet and it is looking and working great.

But wanting to see if anybody knows of a good service company as I suspect it is the display needing to be replaced.

You didn’t say which tablet. An s5e, for example, has an AMOLED display. When I checked a few months ago, replacement screens cost more than buying a used s5e tablet.

I suppose that “repairability” may be an argument against fancy screens for some devices.

It is the Tab 4 model SM-T530

One of the older 10.1 inch models from 2014 or so.

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