Samsung Tab S vs. Nvidia Shield

hey guys,

so basically long story short, is the samsung galaxy tab s 8.1 better or is the Nvidia shield tablet better? I know the nvidia has so much power with the tegra k1 but I heard that it won't be very compatible with google play apps. I won't be heavy gaming but only using apps from the google play store. Maybe (very maybe) if i get a shield I might game but right now, I'm looking strictly for games and apps from the google play store


I love the thinness and lightness of the samsung but idk if it can handle games and I know the Nvidia has a great processor and audio but again, idk if it's compatible with the google play games.


Thanks for all!

Where did you hear the shield can't use the play store? That's plain misinformation. It runs stock Android 5.0 with a few nice nvidia additions (streaming, GRID, etc.). It has the play store as normal.

I know it can use the playstore but i heard most apps can't take asdvantage of the good processor (tegra k1). Any opinions on the Samsung?

Frankly i love the power but i think the nvidia shield tablet is just too bulky and cheap feeling

I had it. It's not too big. It's slightly wider than a Nexus 7, but I think most people would be able to hold it with one hand. It it heavy for its size though. The build quality is nice, very rugged, it's built like a tank. The front-facing speakers are great as well. The screen is bit dull compared to my Nexus 7. Not sure how it is compared to the Tab S. It's ok but not great. With all of that said, I personally might've had a bad unit and had a bad experience with the Shield. Probably the worst Android experience I've ever had. So bad in fact that I said "fuck it, I'm going Apple". I've exchanged the Shield for the iPad Mini only five days after I bought it. If you can buy locally (Microcenter?), give it a try, maybe you'll have a great experience with it, unlike me. I don't know much about the Tab S, but I do know that it is running that shit stain of a UI called TouchWiz. The Shield is, I believe, the only other tablet aside from Nexus tablets, that's running Android 5.0.

the os isn't a problem as i can just run nova launcher, but are there any people with a galaxy tab s? i would like to know if there is lag or how the performance is in general especially when gaming. Also if there's any bad things about it that would be good info too

Samsung really puts way too much bloat on it so it causes the system to slow down. Be prepared to root and remove that stuff (touchwiz is a crime)

Samsung screens have always looked over saturated to me but some people like it.

Samsung stuff always feels cheap to me because of all the plastic. Don't get me started on the fake leather and stitching.