Samsung SSD's

Okay, so I have been looking at buying two SSD's for a RAID 0. I have narrowed it down to either the Samsung 940 Pro or the 840 Evo, I know the two are pretty close in terms of speed, but I am curious to learn about other people personal experiences with them before I buy. Any input is appreciated. (Also in episode 108 of The Tek, I am pretty sure Wendell has a huge stack of them on top of the radiator in the background.)

Either are fine and will get you craaazzy speed, I had one 830 128 GB and i was blown away by the speed and i honestly think that even half an SSD will make you fall over if you haven't experienced SSD speed before

I'm using one Sammy 840 EVO and it's fast!

Two in RAID 0 would be crazy.

I don't believe there's much benefit in using two SSDs in RAID 0. Marginal gains. It's not the same as mechanical drives, which double in performance.

You might consider one larger SSD or a different RAID configuration that offers redundancy.

SSDs in general, Samsung are always one of my top considerations. Using an 256 840 pro, currently

I currently use a 250GB Samsung 840 SSD as a sample drive for EastWest Hollywood strings and pianos and it is really fast.

I am currently looking at picking up the 500GB 840 evo to replace it (once they hit the right price point), and then replace my Crucial 64GB SSD with my OS on it with the 250GB one (and give the 64GB to my best mate for his OS).

The read/write speeds on the 250GB Samsung drive are a lot higher than the 64GB Crucial one. They are solid drives. The Crucial ones are usually a good bit cheaper though, and are by no means bad.

I have an 840 Evo in my one rig and it is a fabulous drive. Insanely fast. 

My other rig does have two Kingston HyperX 3ks in RAID 0 and they are screaming fast but really the speed increase you actually see in real world use is minimal and with RAID 0 if one drive fails you lose all your data. 

One SSD should be plenty fast and if you want to go RAID go for a level that will give you a bit of redundancy as well as a speed boost but then of course you'll need more than two drives.

yeah... ssd in raid 0= fast. I honestly would worry about what exact model, go for what you can get the best price on.

I have a 120GB 840 EVO in my RIG for my OS and a few games that I play a lot. It is amazing. Never used the 940, so I can't compare them, but I can definitely endorse the 840.

Raid 0 does little to SSDs in terms of speed. In terms of actual feeling of incrase boost between one EVO and 2 of them is actually very little.

I have two 830's I had them in raid0 but after a fresh install I just used them as seperate drives 1 as boot and the 2nd for my games.