Samsung SSD Help

I'm in the process of building a new computer and have recently purchased both a Samsung 840 and 840 Pro (120 and 128GB). I would like to have one dedicated to the OS and basic applications, and another for games/intensive applications; however after doing some research I'm still a bit confused on which would be best for each. Does anyone have any suggestions or advice? Anyone with specific experience with Samsung 840's would be appreciated.

The 840 Pro is faster, so I'd put Windows, Mac OS X, or whatever OS you have on that. Use the 840 for everything else, because it is slower :)

from what i can tell the only difference between the 2 are the pro writes faster (useful for video editing files i guess) so for os and games they should preform pretty much the same as the read speed is the same

i'd probably just raid 0 them

Thanks for the tips, however I'm more worried about degredation. Speed aside, will one hold up longer than the other? I'm assuming the Pro would be best with MLC?

I would use the normal 840 for OS since it can read at almost the same speed, and use the 840 pro for programs because it will last longer and will also make a huge drifference for video editing and so on.