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Samsung Smart TV

Recently I bought a new Samsung smart tv for my home which has best features and colors. I want to stream English series but they block my ip address, so I want to get a vpn. Can any one suggest me which vpn is best for Samsung?

Could you elaborate:

  • Which model of Smart TV you are using (or at least what version of android it is running from)
  • Which streaming service are you using

Also, are you willing to spend up to about 100USD for a raspberry pi to use for LibreElec/Kodi and do you have time to tinker it?

Samsung SmartTVs run on Tizen.

NU6900 Series

I dont think Samsung likes VPNs in their Monitors.

To OP: I think your best bet is something like a LibreElec/Kodi on a raspberry pi then put your VPN in that. Then, you will need a US IP address somehow. Maybe you can ask a friend in the US/UK to run another Raspberry PI you can tunnel into.

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