Samsung phone guru needed, No signal overnight. Z Fold 2 ATT

Working fine all day yesterday. Wake up this morning to the signal status up top to the circle with the line through it. No bars. Swapping the SIM does the same thing on a known working att sim.
When I pull out the SIM, it shows bars, But when I put a SIM into it, it goes to the circle with the line through it.
Sometimes it’ll show bars and LTE but it won’t work. SIM status will be unregistered.

This same SIM put into my old Pixel works right away so it’s not a SIM or network issue.

Factory reset does the same thing.

Any help would be appreciated
Here’s the phone info
Model: SM-F916U
Baseband: F916USQS2GVC9
Build: SP1A.210812.016.F916USQS2GVC9
Service Provider Software: SAOMC_SM916U_OYN_ATT_12_0011 ATT/ATT/ATT
Android patch Level: April 1, 2022

EDIT: I just noticed the baseband FW number doesn’t appear anywhere online…

At the risk of trying to out shitpost a quality shitposter… did you pay your cellphone bill? :rofl:

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haha yes. The sim works in another phone. But not in my Z Fold.Seemingly overnight.

Sorry, I couldn’t resist. You could always re-flash your version, (or an older version) of Android, but that would be a pretty drastic step and I would recommend trying everything else first

I’ve tried to find the right FW files to flash but apparently I keep getting the wrong ones, bc Odin keeps on failing.

UPDATE Called Samsung and it’s out of warranty but the rep gave me a courtesy one time free repair.

Placing bets on if they know that to be a known issue and don’t want the bad rep.


Update 2: They sent it back with NO REPAIR. Their reasoning was “the phone has mismatched IMEI numbers. The phone looks to be repaired before and they used the wrong part”

Which makes no sense. It was working fine for almost a month.
How could that make it all of a sudden stop working?

I asked them to just fix it if I need to pay I will, but they refused.

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Another reason for right-to-repair. Complete B.S that an untampered phone is refused to be repaired, especially when it’s over $1000

Right, but you mean to tell me that samsungs OWN repair cant fix it.

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They probably can fix it, but found a reason not to!

Their reason to not repair it is money. They want more of it.

Op offered to pay to fix it … yet they still refused!

I’m guessing that they want op to buy new vs actually fixing it!

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