Samsung P2 or Zune?

So yeah, I'm buying a new MP3 on payday this Tuesday and I'm thorn between the Samsung Yp-P2 and the Zune.

Here's the Samsung P216GB I'm looking at:


And the Zune 80 or 120, depending on stock and the amount of my pay.


So ya, the main difference between both is that the Zune has a whole lot more GB/$, but has no EQ (ARRGGGG) at all. The samsung has one. Also, the Samsung has a touch screen.

Both has pretty similar screen size: 3" for the Samsung and 3.2" for the Zune.

An other thing keeping me from buying the Zune is that you can't just drag n' drop music (or any other files) in it , you have to install a shitty music player ala iTunes to put your music in it, so you can't use all that space as an external hard drive or w/e you might want to do with it.

What do you guys think I should get? Sound quality is pretty important for me...

Also, is a touch screen a pain in the ass to use? is it durable compared to tactile?


well, I have an Archos 5 and its got the best sound quality i've ever heard on a pmp

looks pretty sleek too imo


touch screens are overrated get the zune

get one of the zune originals.

@Abstract, I don't have 400 or so $

@ the hatebreed guy, yeah if it wouldn't be for the damn EQ and the fact that you can't just dragg and drop things in it I would have went for the Zune.

EDIT: Spitesuicide, I don't feel like ordering, and I need it for like this friday...going for a long car ride so I want it.

I'd get something like this tho, I don't know what I'd write...


Don't write anything dude. You might not even want the design on there if you plan on selling it down the road. Doing that may make some people not want it...if you're going to sell it later.

I won't. I will buy the mp3 in store. I'm just not sure which yet.

Use doubleTwist. Godly media manager+automatic/built-in file converter. Automatically which files for which device and works with a shit ton of players that usually need exclusive managers (Zune, iPod, phones)

^ Thanks thug. I'll look it up ;)

Sony mp3 players.. way to go.

Also the Archos is leading sound quality : 3

No iPod eh?

I would get the Zune, but you just might get trolled by iPod users.

I'd go P2. I have it. Bluetooth is useful. Sound quality rocks. Isn't from Microshit either.

id go zune but thats cause i have one, and the zune music player aint all that shity, only thing that does suck is it cant be used as a storage device... but if your kinda hard on your portables zunes are pretty rugged well atleast the old 30g are... ive had mine bounce off the side of my car and land in a pool of water on the road (friend tried throwing it in my car, didnt make it) and it works just fine

I have a Zune and I have never used a better PMP.