Samsung monitor input lag

I am looking at monitors for gaming and I found the samsung s22a460b-1 for $130 at microcenter it has everything I want height adjust swivel that kind of stuff but I cannot find what the input lag is on this monitor its a TN panel so it should not be horrable its got 5ms responce time but most do.  Tell me what you think 


5MS respons time grey to grey is realy alot for a TN pannel in my opinnion, ive got an older TN panel samsung syncmaster 22inch and it has only 2ms response time..

what about something like this:

I am not sure what the grey to grey is on the monitor I posted PRAD said it was 5ms for like red to green, But its not he response time I am worried about it the input lag as its often much longer then the response time.  But thanks for the suggestion