Samsung Mini PCIe SSD for laptops

Well, it'll enable us to have smaller laptops, faster laptops, and (hopefully) we'll see something comparable for Desktop computers. (And hopefully we'll see SATA 6Gbps being phased out eventually. Although real-world usage of SSDs in terms of random IOPS isn't moving at the pace some people would like, I'm hopeful for the future.)

Anyways, any thoughts on this article, guys (and gals) ?

I want one. Basically all i need is an SSD to make my laptop faster and that looks like my solution.

I think that a standard 2.5" drive is plenty small for a laptop, but I suppose mPCIe will be a step in the right direction.

You know, the 2.5" drives are small. However, they normally come in 9mm, 7.5mm, or 5mm in thickness. Using this, they could make SSDs even smaller, and much faster too. It would be great. 

Personally, I think a Thunderbolt-like cable (without the included DisplayPort) would be great as a new cable replacement for USB, SATA, audio, and so many other standards. It would just make everything much easier. It would also effectively remove the bottleneck we suffer from due to aging standards. If such a cable technology could be made that could also include adapters to USB, SATA, eSATA, audio (3.5mm and 6.3mm jacks), and so forth, that'd be epic.

Thunderbolt-like bandwidth using a connector that's comparable to a Micro USB in size. Simply epic.