Samsung gs4 + my labtop



im an iphone 5 user and been an iphone user since i moved from my sidekick lx to the iphone 3g.

it's been jailbroken since i got them.

I am seriously bored of the iphone, it's the same shit every year and a new phone comes out every year and makes me spend like $500 to get it because #applefanboyfagitus makes me want it.

I am into jailbreaking/rooting etc.. 

I had the g1 because i sold my 3gs to get it and try to move onto andriod but it didnt work because iphone was seriously more popular. 

tldr; help me make the switch to the gs4 or whenever the gs5 comes out.


ok next question.

i has the asus ux32vd.

upgraded to the 250gb samsung 840 ssd and 10gb of ram.

wat else should i do to it? its running win7. i bought it for college and to write code. i want to get more out of it. what should I do? the wifi signal when im in class sucks too.

not much else you can do with it honestly. I have the S4 and I absolutely love it. The LTE is honestly faster than the wifi I have at home. What you can do is invest in like an unlimited data plan for LTE and run your laptop on the LTE from your phone. Btw how is the UX32VD?