Samsung firmware update bricking SSDs

Yeah, your talking to a first hand source right now... On a more serious note, if you don't believe me then here's a link to an Anandtech forum post on the topic.

I'm currently looking for a replacement drive. Could anyone recommend some models, preferably 128GB/256GB (looking for RELIABILITY and speed). It goes without saying that I'm not interested in buying another Shitesung...

Yeah, now that's pretty messed up. But seeing as these are Samsung products.. I guess I'm not too surprised. Same thing happened when my phone broke and I was paying for the replacement plan. They sent me a refurbished phone. Took a lot more work but I finally got them to give me a brand new phone. 

I've personally had good luck with Kingston and ADATA drives. I've had a OCZ now for 4 years also and never had any problems with it. Probably not the fastest though. 

Pick up a Crucial MX200 it's the successor to the MX100, overall one of the best SSD's out there.