Samsung evo 840 low performance


I'm new to the forums so first of all a big hello to everyone :) .

I recently purchased an Evo 840 ssd 120gb, to upgrade from my 60gb OCZ agility 3 SSD, I only use the SSD for storing games bf3/4 etc and it is not my main OS drive, I don't really care about windows loading times etc.

Anyway I installed the drive and ran the magician software that came with it then ran the benchmark that also comes with the software and as far as I can tell I'm getting pretty poor results and have no idea why, perhaps the results are normal? I did google the issue and found people complaining of results of around 60k random reads, I'm getting 9.5k lol so hmmm quite a lot less.

Sequential read (MB/s) 453    

Sequential write (MB/s) 407

Random Read (IOPS) 9500    <<<<

Random Write 26799

Anyone have any idea what might be the issue should I send the drive back?

Also not really sure what this means but in S.M.A.R.T the drives Total LBAs Written is 26335240 is this normal? I've literally installed the drive from new today.

My motherboard is a Gigabyte z68x-ud3p-b3

I do not have AHCI mode enabled ( i am aware that this reduces performance but not to the extent of my current results ) I just haven't gotten around to changing it yet I shall do in the near future, that said this wasn't an issue on my previous ssd :( .


Any help or advice is greatly appreciated.









Really? Install it correctly first. Here is a guide.

Hi thanks for your reply but I'm not sure if you read the part where I said " I only use the SSD for storing games bf3/4 etc and it is not my main OS drive " ? Which means correct me if I'm wrong i don't have to disable most of the things mentioned in that guide,  most of the processes mentioned in that guide are disabled to increase the lifespan of the drive.

Obviously I have disabled system restore on the drive and trim is enabled.

I did missed that. sorry! Really, if your not running your ssd in achi mode then what are trying to achieve? Why would you complain about not getting expected performance when you not even using it correctly.

Ahci mode, reduces overall performance by aprox 15% which I don't mind tbh I just haven't gotten around to reinstalling windows with AHCi mode enabled, but the performance is reduced by 90% on random writes which I would imagine is not caused by ahci not being enabled.

Like i said earlier my previous drive was an SSD and that ran flawlessly although obviously it could of ran even quicker with ahci turned on, so surely ahci is not the problem?

I've also noticed that this Total LBAs Written has now increased to 72,991,363 that's not right, i've not even moved anything to the drive yet :S

Think i would double check and see if your system is using it for paging. Really any measurement of your ssd while not in the correct mode might be considered suspect.

i have the same drive and it cooks. Just wanted to chime in as a user of the drive.

I just put my old OCZ back in to compare speeds etc and the OCZ is slower, but whats strange is i've had the ocz as a secondary drive for a little over 2 years and the Total LBAs written is 501 the brand new Samsung Evo is now at 331,400,000 surely this is wrong? Although i cannot see how it can be wrong as the software im using to check it came with the drive..  oh and magician 4 also says the Evo has had 0.14Tb written to the drive since it has been installed, I know running benchmarks adds to this but really?! The drive is still empty as i don't want to put anything onto it until i know its not faulty.

Anyone with good knowledge on these sorts of things have an opinion please :( ?




Well first of all, the advertised speeds of an SSD you will only reach in the most ideal circumstances, so with alot of windows tweaks etc.

Also not to mention, you got an older mobo, so your sata controller is a bit outdated. i think thats your biggest bottleneck. But still those benchmarks are just numbers, Don´t botter to much about it. 453 MB/s read and 407 MB/s write looks okay to me, if you take your older motherboard in mind, then you can´t realy complain.

I've got two 250GB 840 Evos and "453 MB/s read and 407 MB/s write" is very similar to what I've been seeing when benchmarking my drives, using AS SSD.