Samsung 850 Pro 128GB vs Crucial MX200 250GB vs Your sugestions?

I currently have 128gb 840 evo which i will use in another pc.
Crucial is slower but should i sacrifice a bit of performance for twice the storage? I'm also worried about their lifespan.
Feel free to post own suggestions if you have something better. My budget is in Polish Złoty - 450 what is ~120 usd but prices here can be crap.
If you want to mess around with webpage translation you can check prices here: Dyski SSD - sklep w

well thats exaly the Crucial mx200 specs say 550MB/s read 500MB/s write,
On which the Samsung 850 pro says, 550MB/s read 470MB/s write.
The Samsung only scores slightly higher on the write iops.

Not sure how those speeds turn out to be in realy world testings.
But i think its totaly worth it.

I would go for the Crucial.


+1 on the crucial. Great drives.

And what if we add 850 evo 250gb to the list?

I'm running the same crucial on two laptops with no issues what so ever. When I bought mine they were a lot less $$ than the Samsungs as well. If you want to consider the Samsungs then also look over the Sandisk Extreme Pro.......

Those cost here ~155 usd.

+1 on the 850 evo for sure.

Most people won't notice the difference between good SSD performance and great SSD performance. Unless you're doing some seriously stressful (large, frequent, etc.) work with an SSD, you will probably not feel any difference between an 850 evo and 850 pro (and other similar drives).

My advice would be to get double the capacity for a little more money.

Actually, the website you provided has the 850 evo 250GB for your exact budget:

You could also go with the Crucial MX200 for a little bit less:

Better IOPS are better than sequential speeds especially when it come's to write speeds as these are hardly ever used a ssd with fast read and fast Random read/write speeds will be the snappyer drive in real time use.
Nuthing wrong with Crucial drives but i'd be looking for a sammy 850 evo or a HyperX Savage if you can afford them.

ive got ocz intel and smasung ssd's
i can say, as BOOT drives . the intel 520 series 240gb boots the fastest for sure,
followed by the Samsung 840evo and the ocz 4

even tho the stats are listed as better on the sammy, if i recall