Samsung 850 evo running slow?[solved]

i have a samsung 850 evo 500 gb
running windows 10

and it seams to me that its running a lot slower on my than my ocz agility 4 256gb that i upgraded it from

can some one explain why a drive that should theoretically be much better be operating a visually slower difference?

i copied my os from a 80gb 7200rpm drive that i normally clone from if that makes a difference?

If you haven't already, you should install a program called Samsung Magician, it will for instance help you to set up your OS for SSD's and also upgrade the firmware for the SSD, if any newer has come out since it came off the production line.

by what do you mean it "seems" slower?

download a program like AS SSD or CrystalDisk to synthetically test your performance.

And what motherboard are you using?

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Or the included software that comes with the SSD has a nice benchmarking tool built in.

I would check to see if the partition alignment is correct AND that you are using AHCI and not IDE.

Sometimes when you clone a partition from HDD to SSD the partition alignment is not correct which affects performance negatively.
And if you've come from a HDD, the BIOS setting might have been in IDE mode instead of AHCI, which is BAD for an SSD.

Download AS SSD benchmark.
From here and scroll down to the end of the page for the download link
Unzip, launch AS SSD Benchmark.exe and see if these highlighted sections say OK

If they say OK like in that picture, then you're fine, the partition alignment is correct and you are using AHCI.
The problem is something else or there is no problem. Others can help with determining that :)

If either says BAD, then you need to fix it.

If the second one says bad, then you need to realign the partitions.
There's many tools out there but I've personally used MiniTool Partition Wizard, the Free edition of course.
Download from here and install.
Launch it, select Launch application from the splash screen.
Select your SSD (red marks) from there either by clicking on Disk # or by clicking on the above section where it shows your SSD.
Then click Align All Partitions (yellow highlight) and after that click Apply (black circle). It will say somethingsomething and ask to reboot to Apply the pending operations.
Your computer reboots, MiniTool does it's magic and realigns the partition/s. After it is done, it will reboot back to Windows.

If the first one says BAD, then you're NOT using AHCI and you need to fix that.
Solutions are either reinstall Windows (after changing BIOS settings from IDE to AHCI) or by changing the mode manually along with a hack.
You CANNOT just change IDE > AHCI and expect it to work. If you do that, your Windows installation will not boot as it does not have the required drivers installed.

The manual method was easy with Windows 7 and Windows 8 (/8.1), basically it was just to change a single setting in the registry but with Windows 10 it is different.
I have not personally tested any of the methods out there but this is one of the methods.
See the first post here.

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oh okay actually im not home right now but i think i remember having the ide to ahci problem a few years ago when i got the OZC thanks for the info ill fix it later when i get home =)

Always try to do a fresh install when switching boot drives.

yeah i was going to do that now that ive realized what happend before i was just tring to have a back up clone so i can just flash my frech os every time i wanted to reinstall but it looks to me that i would need another ssd for that to happen

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i ended up reinstalling windows from scratch rather than aclone and it works as it should now

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Good to know that its solved.
Then i will put a lock on it.