Samsung 840 vs Kingston Hyper 3K

Trying to decide between these two SSDs at the 250GB level. I've seen Logan recommend the Kingston quite a lot but in the UK i can get the 840 (not the PRO) for £30 less, approx. $45. Is the Kingston worth the extra bucks?

Kingston, i avoid Samsung products like the plague

Samsung SSD's have been one of the fastest since the 830 series. I have the Samsung 840 and it has a better GB/$ ratio then the Hyper 3k. Samsung are one of the best SSD producers. On the topic of logan saying about the 3k, that is true but you shouldn't only listen to one person look up other reviews like on tomshardware. Hope this helped. P.S All SSD's are normally the same speed its normally down the GB/$ ratio.

The reason being?

for 120Gb get the kingston, but if you get 250/256 GB get the samsung, its $ per Gb is better and its fast as all hell.

every samsung product i've had contact with shits the bed. they just dont like me. dont get me wrong, i like some of their products specs and visually, but they dont seem to last for me.

Between the regulator Samsung SSD and a Kingston 3K SSD I would get the Kingston SSD. Why? If you get the bundle is comes with a removable USB drive to backup your PC onto the SSD as well as a Pen-like screw driver with multiple bits made of steel which is magnetic and useful for building PCs.

Performance wise the Kingston drive is better on writes. Read performance is similar. Kingston also tend to have better customer service and a far better reputation in terms of product quality (the Kingston SSD drive is made of Alumunum rather than plastic for instance).

Adata Premier Pro SP900. high quality, fairly cheap.