Samsung 840 vs 840 Pro

I know the 840 pro is really good but is the $40 extra worth it or will I be fine buying a 128gb 840 from Samsung? Thanks!

I have no experience with SSDs, but I think you'll be fine with the regular 840.  According to the specs on Newegg, the Pro version boasts far faster sequential and random write speeds.  However, most people like SSDs for their exceptional load times, which relies on read speeds.  Unless you plan on utilizing the 840 pro's superior writing capabilities, I would suggest you save your money and get the cheaper SSD.

Or get the Kingston HyperX 4k or the OCZ Vertex 4. They both beat the 840 Pro 

I'd say it's not worth it. You can also save some money by buying a version without mounting kit if you already not doing so. 

The 256GB and 512GB 840 pro SSDs are worth getting. Great quality NAND flash and I believe they are the fastest "consumer" SSDs on the market. Very reliable.

However, the 128GB pro isn't as fast, and it uses a different type of NAND flash.

Purchasing the cheaper Kingston Hyper 3K would be the smarter decision. Faster than the 120 non-pro and 128 pro.

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