Samsung 840 or Kingston Hyper X

just like says in the subject, Samsung or Kingston. 


here's the links below ( im from the UK BTW )






Kingston HyperX 3K, or even better, the Adata logan reviewed

Samsung builds some of the fastest most reliable ssd's. They are very very good drives

It's hard to say at this point. The 840's just came out, so I don't know how they compare to the sandforce drives. The 830's were always very reliable though and tended to keep up with the sandforce drives pretty well. The 840's are supposed to be even faster.

I would look up some reviews if I were you.

yeah im gonna start looking but it's so hard to choice between 


Personally I had the Samsung 830 128 gb and it is amazingly fast, but after doing some research I am buying the ADATA SP900 SSD as its supposidly blazingly fast and yet affordable. Maybe check that out :) always good to have alternatives!