SALE: WD BLACK², Is it any good for an Gaming/ multimedia laptop?

It's well known that anything above 1TB in the laptop storage market is as expensive as an golden staircase. (Or space ship, which either one you prefer?) 1tb , pure ssd will cost above $500, and an 2TB one will cost above $2000. 

Unfortunately, i'm on an extremely tight budget, so i was wondering this solution from WD would work?

If i load my os on the SSD part, and my programs on the HDD part, it should work , right?

Oh, btw. Its on sale!


Please advise

THX , Josh

I say ... if they still have the 5 year warranty  ... go for the black

dude it says 5400 rpm id skip it just get a WD Black mechanical sata3  my steam library is on one and the waiting times for loading are not bad at all you can add an evo 120gb for less money if you have a dvd drive you can remove and get a hdd adapter for.



cheaper solution


It will work if your laptop can take 9mm thick 2.5" drives.  I would actually take the Black^2 over a regular 7200RPM drive.