Saints Row IV Banned In Australia

Well they didn't have much to say but here is the whole article. Link is at the bottom.

The Acting Director of the Classification Board, Mr Donald McDonald announced today that Saints Row IV was the first computer game in Australia to be Refused Classification under the Guidelines for the Classification of Computer Games that commenced on 1 January 2013.

The Classification Board classified the game RC (Refused Classification) in accordance with item 1(a) of the National Classification Code and in accordance with the computer games guidelines.

Mr McDonald said the Classification Board had now been applying the new computer games guidelines for almost six months and this was the first game to be refused classification.

Wont stop me playing it - there are other ways

For us pc gamers there is ;)

They have already come out and said they are going to be making some changes to the game to get a release in Australia. (These changes won't effect the game in other countries) 

His name is Donald McDonald, of course he's going to have a grudge against the world...


But seriously, I don't know why they keep trying to keep things like this out, its not like people don't have access to content much worse than this on the internet anyway.


But does anyone know what the reasons are for denying it classification? I would have thought the new R rating covered pretty much anything people could come up with...

And with unemployment becomming a rising issue over there - as I heard in the news - we might see more people ditching that place, across the ditch and back or coming into NZ. Or else, where would they go?

"In the Board’s opinion, Saints Row IV, includes interactive, visual depictions of implied sexual violence which are not justified by context."

Nice to see that they can make a judgement of what's suitable for an entire nation of adults.  Pretty sure that violates freedom on the most basic level.  Just one more step towards 1984.  

They are just fucking prudes dude.

I had one of my clan members in Aussie hit me up in Teamspeak if I could gift him a copy of Saints Row 4.

Which is all good.  But Luckily it's cheaper at Greenman Gaming than it is on Steam and he can get it from there or other sites like Pistols store when it comes out.  I know alot of Aussies use G2Play to get around the bullshit too.

Is that a creepy John McBeth?

Seriously the Director of the Assification Board's name is "Donald McDonald"?

Born and raised Fuckhead?

Gotta be.

Yet they decide to ban this but let Dead island riptde get through. One of the most goriest games i've ever played but they let it through. 

But better yet they are forcing the developers to make changes so it will be alowed in. The government here needs to be slapped.

Aye bro, not too mention you can drive around and run people down in GTA4, shoot cops with RPGs.

But you can't choose sex as a reward in one of the quests for The Witcher 2 but there's tits everywhere.

Oh yeah and L4D2 all censored up to hell with no gore and no riot cops.

It's all backwards man.


No shit until they get someone down to earth in parliament most of the good games will rejected. And why was God Of War let in that has tits everywere!

Wow... whoever wrote the report for the no classification must have felt really awkward.



Yeah this is a real shame. Although it won't really affect many pc players as we will just be able to download a patch most likely, the sentimant still sucks. You would think that the implimentation of an 18+ rating would mean this wouldn't happen...

Thay just baned State of Decay to due to improper use of prescription drugs.

Wow. They don't like that morphine is used. :O that's just rediculous. Whats the point of the R rating if it doesn't even allow basic things like that? 

I still wouldn't exactly call it high unemployment...

I assume they're banning movies too, now?  How about books?  How about people pretending to do things?  Ban imagination, it might imagine drugs being taken improperly.