Sager Np9150 - Ivy bridge i7 - 680M

I'm looking to sell off my one year old sager laptop. I'm going to post back when I get home to throw down all of the details but it has a super crisp 1080p 15" display, an i7 processor and a 680m gpu. I'm going to drop the hard drive (for privacy issues) and the DC plug on the motherboard is broken. If you can get the part, it should be a really simple fix but I've decided to just sell as is and build myself a desktop. I've had this thing running battlefield 3 @ high w/ FXAA at a smooth 50-60fps. I'm looking for some serious offers but I'm really flexible on the pricing since I'm trying to get rid of it. I'll post some photos soon but, the laptop on the outside is still in good condition. 

Send me a pm if you're interested or post a comment here


please post pictures of the laptop with your user name on the post card or you username on the screen while its on

How did you be fxaa on bf3, its not in as option in graphics settings, did you do it through the gpu drivers.