Safe way to use TOR?

I want to start using TOR to just snoop on stuff and check things out in the DEEPWEB.

I know a few months ago TOR client was compromised or something and anyone can tell if you are using it.

What is a safe way for me to use TOR? Should I buy a VPN then hop on TOR?


I'm on windows 7 using Chrome.

Don't use tor.

I'm not trolling you, there is no safe way to use tor, the problem with tor isn't the tor client, it's the exit nodes. A large amount of exit nodes are run by government agencies which basically wipes out the security. 

TLDR: Never use tor, ever.

Yeah, from what I read TOR isn't really secure. Guess you wouldn't have to worry about TOR or any of that if it weren't  ISP's and the NSA snooping around.