Safe VPNs, Chrome extensions etc

Hey in the wake of all the nasty spying business, I need to know HOW vulnerable we are on the internet, and what day to day things that can be done to protect my anonminity online. I use a VPN Private Internet Acess, had good reviews (before the NSA scandal). But its based in the USA.... Any you guys can recommend? Software firewalls, chrome extensions? Cleaning internet traces (CCleaner) Just like to hear your (Logan/Wendell) thoughs. 


Thanks in advance!

If it's based in the states, it's no good. Do a quick google search for some good VPN's, I don't use one so I don't have a personal favorite to suggest. If you're truely worried this much about your security I'd suggest a hardware firewall, force HTTP addons and I'm sure there's a ton more out there that I've never had to think about utilizing.

Also remember, CCleaner doesn't completely remove anything on a physical drive. The data is still there, just not recognized by the OS anymore.

If you are looking for a free VPN that can get you a Romanian IP address is a good place to start. The data rate is bareable at 5 mb/s download and 1 mb/s upload for web browsing. All you have to do is Download OpenVPN then download the openVPN config files from their website and use the password that they change every week or so.

If you are wanting a paid service that doesn't cap your bandwidth I would check out any of the Swiss VPN services.