Safe temps?

I just overclocked my E7200 to 3.5ghz and on 100% load the temps are, core 1: 50-52 core 2: 40-45. Are these temps safe or should I lower the clock to about 3.2-3.3ghz?

seems good for load temps, you should be fine, did you prime it? or what program did you use?

those are definitely reasonable are safe under 70 but most people shouldn't go above 60 imo ..if you can stay under that your golden

you can probably push it even further with those temps. but play a game in windowed mode and chekc your temps as your playing. it's probably gonna go higher than 52.

I used prime to make it go to 100% and had it on 100% for about 30mins

yeah, but when i use prime95 is gives me a lower temp than when i play games like 'The Last Remnant' or 'Lost Planet'. I get a 51 with prime95, but when i play games it jumps to 58. i think it might be due to videocard heat.

i think games are better to check your stability. not games like Killing Floor, somthing like bioshock, or L4D.

lol, they are all superlightrunonanypc games so... Try Crysis...

Also, whats different with killing floor compared to l4d in performance wise?.. lol

I've monitored my system using Everest playing Killing Floor and it didn't heat up my CPU much. (same temp as Prime95) about 51c, but playing The Last Remnant, Bioshock, and L4D it got up to 58.

I can run Killing floor all day @ 60 FPS, but L4D drops to 30s. That's HUGE performance difference.

Why temp test with game anyways, do intel burntest, thats when you REALLY can know if it can handle it

Why temp test with game anyways, do intel burntest, thats when you REALLY can know if it can handle it

Little tip:
Tidy up your wiring inside your chassis!
I had my temps @ ~40c off load and ~60c full load.
When i cleaned all my wiring to the sides and so temps are now ~35c idle and ~55c full load :)
So it droped 5c just by having a tidy chassis.
Btw try and run two prime 95 at the same time and see your temps.(copy prime95 folder)

because the temp from the GPU will influence the CPU temp. You could run a game and prime95, but running just prime95 will not give you the best results. 5c could be the difference between a "stable" system and one that crashes.

I played gmod and css a bit last night and the system did not crash and the temps never went over core 1: 52 and core 2: 44, so I think I am good. Not bad for my first overclock

what cooler do you have? i'm using the stock cooler on the same cpu and i get like 50/45 on idle and 61/49 on 100 load. EDIT: i'm 3 ghz. with 1.226 voltage. whats your voltage?

I have the Zerotherm Nirvana and my voltage is 1.2v, 9.5x1476

omgwtfbbq? was that 1476 a typo? it's probably 476 as multi right? heellll i need a new heatsink. but i think it's time to push this proc to 3.2 anyway :D

lol, I ment multiplier is 9.5, the bus speed is 370 and the rated fsb is 1480 with 1.2v

oho. very nice. i guess i should push my proc further.