Safe/Safer mail clients?

It's a short question what safer then the regular ones like google,msn and yahoo.


like I have used hushmail before but nowadays not so much any tips besides PGP  maybe something more use friendly




Well, you could always build your own mail server with Roundcube as the front end, then you can make it as safe as you want.

All major mail-providers are safe.

Gmail do search through for any keywords, they could use for advertisement, but then it isn't reading any context of the email.

But as mention, you could host your own, which I myself don't see the point of.

E-mail is like, ancient, and not designed to be secure. So like, a core email protocol is smtp (unencrypted communcations between backend servers) and that trumps any attempt at securing email short of PGP. It's just bad.

Since there is nothing practical you can do to secure existing email, I suggest not trying. If you want a more-user-friendly-than-PGP way of sending people messages, then I recommend Threema.