Safe cable extension for EPS?

The 8 pin CPU EPS power cables of my Seasonic aren’t long enough to reach into the top left corner of the mainboard (Fractal Design R6, Asrock X399 Taichi).

When I read the reviews of those fancy sleeved (unnecessary for me) extensions, there’s always a few people who have pics of burned cables.

Any nice thick (AWG18 minimum) extensions 20-30cm that you can recommend? Amazon preferred, as I’m in Europe. Color, sleeves etc do not matter, functionality and safety do.

Could build the extension yourself (assuming you have crimp pliers).


parts ~15€ (w.o. shipping)
8-pin connector EPS
8-pin housing EPS
10m 15AWG wire
Male pins
Female pins


Parts ~$5 (w.o. shipping)
16AWG Wire

Unfortunately, I don’t have those pliers. But thanks for the links, I’ll save the information for possible future use.